• An informal network of peer institutions for military education and research in democratic countries
  • Sharing resources to improve professional military education
  • Collaboration on curriculum development and publications
  • Benchmarking for academic accreditation
  • Opportunities for faculty and students in higher military education

The International Society of Military Sciences

The Austrian National Defence Academy, The Royal Military College of Canada, the Royal Danish Defence College, The Finnish National Defence University, the Netherlands Defence Academy, Norwegian Defence University College, the Swedish Defence University , and the Baltic Defence College established in October 2008 a society intended to further research and academic education in military arts and sciences in the broadest sense.

The purpose of this organisation is to build a network for the creation, development, exchange and diffusion of research and knowledge about war, conflict management and peace support efforts. The society hosts an annual conference, and one or more workshops per year.

Activities include communications and publications to support a research network within topics such as: war studies; military history; military technology; command and control, leadership and basic competence; law &ethics; security, defence policy and strategy; armed forces and society; and defence economics and management. Participation in conferences and workshops by (outside) researchers, academics and military personnel are welcomed at any time. Conferences are also open for other interested people. 
Next Conferences:
  • Lisbon, October 2022
  • Copenhagen, 2023
  • Stockholm, 2024

International military-scientific cooperation through the ISMS

Handbook of Military Sciences  - an authoritative open-access reference work on military sciences

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