Report from Oslo, 2017

John Young's detailed report of the War Studies Working Group's activities at the 2017 conference in Oslo is attached here.

Submissions for Warsaw, 2018

Abstracts for ISMS 2018 Conference

Abstracts from the 2018 conference are now posted under past conferences

WG1 War Studies

This does not reflect the final program for the conference.


Panel 1

Piotr Hac, Usage of State of Emergency in Case of Hybrid Threat

Jean-Loup Samaan, Non-State Actors and Anti-Access Capabilities: An Emerging Challenge?

Marzena Żakowska, The Hybrid War in The Balkans


Panel 2

Anton DENGG, Hybrid Threats — Hybrid Warfare — War. A Suggestion to Disentangle Conceptual Confusions

Joanna van der Merwe, Artificial Intelligence and The Modern System of Force Employment

João Manuel Pinto Correia, Military Capabilities and The Strategic Planning Conundrum


Panel 3

Ömer Faruk, Cyprian Kozera, Operation Euphrates Shield and The Hybrid Warfare in The Urban Environment: The Dilemma and Challenges of Using Conventional And Special Forces in The Fight Against Daesh.

Adam D. M. Svendsen, Parsing Future Security Challenges: ISR As an Important System of Systems-Based Agent Of & For Change

Ion Berindan, The Imperial Legacy in The Turkish Strategic Culture. A 2018 Appraisal of Davutoglu’s Concept of Strategic Depth


Panel 4

Oana -Elena Brânda,  Romania As A Security Provider for NATO And The EU

Beata Gostomczyk Functioning of the Russian special services in the aspect of strategic documents shaping them.

Piotr Sosnowski, The reform of the Peshmerga as a component of the Regional Security Policy of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq