Leadership, Command and Control and Basic Competences


The Working group Leadership, Command and Control, and Basic Competences is a multidisciplinary, international and networking working group which aims at enhancing knowledge and understanding of military leadership-related issues. 


The range of topics included in the working group is wide and includes different aspects of leadership, such as leadership-as-skills and abilities, leadership-as-practice, leadership-as-communication, negotiation and networking, leadership-as-sensemaking, leadership education, training, learning-on-the-job, and professional development as well as leadership in different environments. The working group is especially keen on research which is contextualized in crisis management environments.


The working group offers for researchers a forum where topics about military leadership-related issues are analyzed and discussed during ISMS conferences as well as through research and publications. 

Current Chair and contact for working group:

Dr. Soili Paananen, Finnish National Defence University



Past Chairs: