War studies

Military strategy, operational art and tactics, contemporary operations, conflict, future warfare, asymmetrical warfare, psychological operations, peace support ops, COIN, military support for civil authority, doctrine development, military theory and practice, lessons learned and identified, terrorism and counter-terrorism, organized crime, intelligence, military policing, international police operations, regional approaches, privatization of security, special forces.

Current Chair and contact for working group

Professor Edward Lucas, Royal Danish Defence College, edlu@fak.dk 

Past Chairs:

  • Professor David Last                 2008-2009 (Amsterdam)
  • Professor John David Young     2009-2012 (Stockholm, Tartu, Kingston)
  • Professor ……………………     2012-2013 (Copenhagen) 
  • Professor John David Young    2013-2017 (Vienna, Helsinki, Warsaw, Oslo)


Scope: the aim and purpose of the Working Group

(The entries below are placeholders, which should be updated by the Working Group Chair in consultation with participants and contributors to the group.)

The War Studies Working Group addresses war and violent conflict in all its aspects as the central business of the profession of arms. Traditionally, many of the papers focus at the operational and tactical level, combining contemporary experience with the broadening knowledge required by mid-career officers.  

Questions of policy and grand strategy may also be addressed in working group 6, security and defence policy and strategy. 

Keyword descriptors

War, strategy, military campaigning, military tactics, military operations, naval operations, air operations, air force, 

Topics addressed in previous conferences

Intelligence Engineering; Military Cross-cultural Competence; Russian Special Services; Comparative Strategy; Integrating Various Forms of Power in Conflict; NATO military scenarios; Multinational Capability Development Campaign; Psychotronic Weapons for Military Purposes; Mediation in Modern Armed Conflicts; Response to low-tech home-grown extremism; Innovation Theory and Military Operations Planning Process; Deterrence and Escalation Control as Components of Conflict Management; Integrated Multiplatform Approach to Joint Operations for Fighting Terrorism and Other International Threats; Amphibious Response as a Force Multiplier in the Nordic-Baltic Theatre; Assessing the Strategic Effect of Offensive Air Operations

Current Working Group Activities

The working group is looking for contributors to prepare an annual digest of new and influential materials, including books, journal articles, and research projects, for the benefit of participants and institutional members.

History of the Working Group

This is one of the original eight working groups of the ISMS established at Amsterdam in 2008.

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