The president of ISMS 2020 Dr. Hannu Kari, Finnish National Defence University


Professor Hannu Kari is one of the founding members of the International Society of Military Sciences, having participated in the Amsterdam meeting of 2008, upon returning to the Finnish Defence University as research director after spending time with private industry. He is one of ten engineers who designed the GPRS standard which is the foundation of the modern internet.  Since 2008 he has been chair of the Military Technology Working Group of the ISMS, and 2020 marks the second time that he will chair the ISMS conference on behalf of the Finnish National Defence University. 

Contact information (current president)

Hannu Kari, Finnish National Defence University (click link for email)

For routine enquiries, please contact the Secretary, Dr. David Last, at 

For continuity, the Secretary will normally  include the past and future presidents on any significant correspondence. The transition between presidencies occurs at the conclusion of the annual conference. 

Past Presidencies and Presidents

2018-2019: Austrian National Defence College, Vienna - Brigader General Dr. Wolfgang Peischel

2017-2018:  War Studies University, Poland - Professor Ryszard Szpyra

2016-2017: Norwegian Defence University College, Norway - LtCol. Dr. Anders McD Sookermany

2015-2016: War Studies University, Poland - Professor Ryszard Szpyra

2014-2015: Finnish National Defence University, Finland - Professor Dr. Hannu H. Kari

2013-2014: Austrian National Defence College, Vienna - Brigader General Dr. Walter Feichtinger

2012-2013: Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen - Dr. Niels Bo Poulsen

2011-2012: Royal Military College of Canada - Professor Houchang Hassan-Yari

2010-2011: Baltic Defence College - Professor James Corum

2009-2010: Swedish National Defence College - Professor Dr. Maja Kirilova-Eriksson

2008-2009: Netherlands Defence Academy - Professor Alexander Bon 

Future Presidencies

2020-2021: Royal Military College of Canada, Canada

2021-2022: Military University Institute, Portugal