Law and Ethics

International law of armed conflict, international humanitarian law, rules of engagement, jus in Bello, jus ad bellum, jus pos bellum, status of forces agreements, pre-emptive action, moral dilemmas, values and transmission of values.

Current Chair and contact for working group:

Frederik Holst, Sweden 

Working group email:

Past Chairs:

Professor Dr. Maja Eriksson, Swedish National Defence College 

Scope: the aim and purpose of the Working Group

(The entries below are placeholders, which should be updated by the Working Group Chair in consultation with participants and contributors to the group.)

This working group seeks jurists, philosophers and practicing military lawyers who have an interest in contemporary military operations and their legal aspects. A wide range of legal and philosophical subjects are of interest to the contributors in this working group. 

Keyword descriptors

Law, ethics, norms, rules, regulations, military law, trials, morals, morality, courts, law of armed conflict, international humanitarian law

Topics addressed in previous conferences

Security and Law; “Lawfare”; Legal and Ethical Implications of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems; Rules of Engagement in peacekeeping; 


Current Working Group Activities

The working group is looking for contributors to prepare an annual digest of new and influential materials, including books, journal articles, and research projects, for the benefit of participants and institutional members.

History of the Working Group

This is one of the original eight working groups of the ISMS established at Amsterdam in 2008.

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