The ISMS Conference 2020

Helsinki, Finland, October 13-29

Virtual network conference hosted by Finnish National Defence University

President's Introduction

The Finnish National Defence University (FNDU) hosted the Virtual ISMS Annual Conference 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions caused by it, FNDU created a virtual platform for the conference instead having "physical" conference. The Virtual Conference was participated by over 140 participants from nearly twenty countries.

The theme of the conference was "Military Science vs. Open Sciences". The aim was to encourage the authors and other participants of the conference to challenge their preconceptions about how, why, on what and for whom we do research on the area of military sciences.

  • 13-26 October, working groups (registered authors and attendees) had offline (asynchronous) phase in the Virtual meeting rooms led by WG Chairs. Participants could view abstracts, give comments, ask questions, and contribute in each working group.
  • 27-29 October, there was an online virtual conference (registered authors and attendees) including plenary sessions on a video teleconferencing platform (Zoom), parallel working group sessions in virtual meeting rooms, business meetings and ISMS Council meeting. 

Conference information 

Link to the Conference platform.

Conference schedule (downloadable through this link).

The opening remarks as well as the keynote speeches (YouTube link). 

Keynote 1 Dr. Eeva Nyrövaara (link)

Keynote 2 Maj Gen, PhD Pertti Salminen (link)

The submitted abstracts open access under the CC BY 4.0 license in the FNDU institutional repository "Doria" (link). Every abstract has been published separately in the repository and has a persistent URN identifier.


Thank you all for your valuable contribution to the ISMS 2020 Conference, let's keep in touch and see you all in the next year's Conference at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario on 11-14 October 2021!

ISMS 2020 Staff