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Nowadays, with technological development, the emergence of the so-called information civilization and cyberspace, the possibilities of direct impact on consciousness not only of individuals or groups but on entire populations are growing rapidly. Information warfare and information operations evolved from supporting forms of physical force, to one of the major ways of conducting modern war. It now also serves as a tool of rivalry in the periods of peace or crises once a full-blown war is not yet waged.

Taking all the above into consideration, a number of questions arises about how this phenomenon affects the character and definition of modern war. How does this affect the forms and methods of its conduct? How does this affect the roles of military and non-military actors of modern wars? Does contemporary warfare penetrate and blend with peaceful forms of the functioning of nations?

Therefore, conference discussions will focus on the search for answers to these questions, but will also be a continuation of the debate on the problems and the state of development of modern military science.

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International Society of Military Sciences Annual Conference 2016 will be organized
and hosted by War Studies University (WSU - Akademia Sztuki Wojennej) - former National Defence University in Warsaw:

Akademia Sztuki Wojennej,
al. gen. A. Chruściela 103
00-910 Warszawa



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