Defence Management and Economics

Resource management, change management, transformation, cost-benefit analysis, logistics, defence acquisition, strategic personnel policy, accounting, defence administration, military industrial complex, measures of effectiveness, benchmarking, outsourcing, privatization, base closures, infrastructure issues.

Current Chair and contact for working group

Dr. Robert Beeres, Dutch Defence College


Past Chairs:


Scope: the aim and purpose of the working group

(The entries below are placeholders, which should be updated by the Working Group Chair in consultation with participants and contributors to the group.)

This working group brings the tools of management science and economics to bear on the problems of armed forces and the pursuit of security. It offers a vehicle for sharing data , methods and results amongst small countries in order to solve practical problems of policy and operations.  

Keyword descriptors

management, economics, cost-benefit, logistics, defence economics, security economics, defence industrial policy, outsourcing, downsizing, acquisition policy, effectiveness, efficiency, economy, 

Topics addressed in previous conferences

Investing in Multiple Public Goods for Safety and Security; S-shaped Growth Curves in Capability Modeling; Spiralling Cost of using Part-Time Soldiers overseas; Paradigm shift for Peace Operations and the Role of Armed Forces in times of mixed migration flows; Critical Success Factors Can Support Performance Measurement in Defence Material Projects; Defence Acquisition and its role in Military Education


Current working group activities

The working group is looking for contributors to prepare an annual digest of new and influential materials, including books, journal articles, and research projects, for the benefit of participants and institutional members.

History of the working group

This is one of the original eight working groups of the ISMS established at Amsterdam in 2008.

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