Submissions, Warsaw 2018

Abstracts for ISMS 2018 Conference

Abstracts from the 2018 conference are now posted under past conferences

WG8 Defence Management and Economics

This does not reflect the final program for the conference.


Panel 1

Richard A. Bitzinger, Technonationalism as a Driver of Armaments Production in Central Europe

Gabriel Gomes, Blast Assessment – a Methodology

Markus Gauster, Strategic Cultures and Contemporary Peace Operations in Transformation: The Test Case of Mali


Panel 2

George A. Zombanakis, Concerns on The Issue of Defence Expenditure in The Post-Crisis Greece

Asim Jusic, Algorithmic Entities and The Financing of Terrorism


Panel 3 

Not scheduled


Round table

Round tables can take any form that is useful to the participants in the working group, and will be organized at the discretion of the working group chair. Chairs may also decide to forego the roundtable option in order to allow participation in other panels. 


While the traditional panel involves presentations followed by questions and answers, a roundtable will normally be more interactive, and involve the audience as well as the people on the roundtable, in a free-flowing discussion like a seminar.