ISMS 2023 Detailed Schedule

Conference program, RDDC

This program is prepared for the record and easy access to abstracts and any additional materials presenters provide.

If you were on the program and would like to provide additional material to support a presentation or because you cannot attend the conference in person, please email it to the secretary. It will be uploaded and linked to this schedule. After the conference, this information will be available on the ISMS website under the "past conferences" tab in the format you see here. 


1600-1800 ISMS Joint Meeting (ISMS Council and WG Chairs), Agenda, Frederiksberg Palace

1845-2200 Icebreaker and Conference Registration, Frederiksberg Palace

OPENING SPEECH Commandant of the Royal Danish Defence College, The Royal Danish Military Academy, Frederiksberg Palace in Copenhagen


0800-0900 REGISTRATION, DGI Byen,  

0900-1915 OPENING SPEECH, The President of ISMS 2023 Niels Bo Poulsen AUDITORIUM

0915-1000  KEYNOTE SPEAKER Gen. (ret.) Knud Bartels AUDITORIUM

1015-1045 Tuesday

WG 1 Multi-Domain Operations in a Norwegian Context, Bjørn E. Mobech-Hansen AUDITORIUM

WG 2 The Unwanted Alliance: The Red Army invasion of the Baltic States (Nov 1918-May 1919) Valdis Kuzmins  ROOM 2

WG 3 Challenges in Explicit Modeling and Representation of the Frame of Discernment in Dempster-Shafer Theory for Tactical Intelligence Francis G. Murray ROOM 3

WG 10 The Equalization of Nationalism and Nazism in Russian Strategic Narratives: A Postcolonial Perspective Ieva Berzina,  ROOM 4

WG 5 Utilizing Tools Used to Tackle Terrorism in the Fight Against Drugs, Adriana Àvila-Zúñga-Nordfjeld, Dimitrios Dalaklis & George Theocharidis, ROOM 5WG 6 Systems-Oriented Design in Military Complex Operations  Thomas Slensvik  ROOM 6

WG 10 Bilateral Cooperation on Tactical Levels, Adam Buschard,,  ROOM 4


1205-1235 Tuesday        

WG 1 Wizards of Depth, Ander Ekholm,  AUDITORIUM

WG 8 Sanctions Busting: A Game-Theoretic Analysis, Oana Secrieru & Ugurhan Berkok, ROOM 5

WG 6 Strategic Partnerships Between China and Russia and Global Security Implications, Levan Gegeshidze, ROOM 6 

WG 7 Military Partnership Mission in Niger and its Potential Effects on Preventing Violent Extremism in the Sahel Region, Ismail Numan Telci & Fuat Emir Sefkatli. ROOM 7

1235-1345.  LUNCH BREAK

1345-1415 Tuesday

WG 1 Do Small States Wage Proxy Wars? A Provocative Assessment of Lithuania's Military Aid to Ukraine Vytautas Isoda  AUDITORIUM

WG 2 'The Gomulka Doctrine' and Military Cooperation within the Warsaw Pact: A Strategy for National Survival Steen Andersen. ROOM 2

WG 3 Lessons Drawn from the War in Ukraine for the Future of Nuclear Weapons Tom Sauer ROOM 3

WG 4 A Qualitative Comparison of Resilience-Based Programs within Canadian Military Colleges Sarah Brassard & Lobna Chérif  ROOM 4

WG 8 U.S. Privateering and China in the 21st Century: Tied at Anchor, Christopher Spearin, ROOM 5

WG 6 Effects of Alliance Credibility and ForcesPosture: How Non-Nuclear States under Nuclear Alliances Strategically Maneuver within the Realm of Proliferation Hasini Liyanage. ROOM 6

WG 6 Public Authorities' Obligation and Possibilities to Rectify Incorrect Information, P. Koistinen, S. Sommarberg & T. Sederholm /  /, ROOM 7

1420-1450 Tuesday

WG 10 The Primitivization of Future Major Warfare, Presentation,  Lukas Milevski,, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 In What Ways do NATO Commanders Use Military History?  Søren Sjøgren and Anna Sofie Schøning,, ROOM 2

WG 9 Strategically Placed Relevance: Situating the Cadet to Achieve Increased Engagement in Introductory Military Chemistry, Matt McTaggart & Jennifer Scott,, ROOM 3

WG 4 Creating S.P.A.C.E: A Positive Psychology Intervention for Improved Resilience and Well-Being, Lobna Cherif and Maxime Bélanger-Vaillancourt ROOM 4

WG 8 The US Hegemony Dilemma and European Missile Production, Hellemeier, ROOM 5

WG 6 Alliance Cohesion Between War and Peace: Ways Forward for NATO, Dominika Kunertova & Olivier Schmitt, ROOM 6

WG 7 Inter-Institutional Collaboration in Managing Complex Crises: A Case Study of Lithuania's Response to the Illegal Migrant Crisis, Vidmantė Giedraitytė & Rasa Smaliukiené, ROOM 7

1455-1525 Tuesday

WG 10 How to Defend Norway? An Inquiry into the Military-Strategic Conceptual Defence Debate in Norway after 2014, Håkon Lunde Saxi,, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 Defence Alliances and Partnerships in American Ways of War to 1945, Ethan S. Rafuse & Sean N. Kalic, /, ROOM 2

WG 9 Towards Transformative Wargaming: The Breakthrough Experience, Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard,, ROOM 3

WG 4 A Set-Based Approach to Operational Planning - or Five Principles for Flexicution, Johan Ivari & Annette Nolan, /, ROOM 4

WG 8 Is Expenditure on Defence Personnel Productive? Evidence from Selected Small and Large NATO Countries Gitana Dudzeviciute,, ROOM 5

WG 6 Maritime Dominance: A Cornerstone of Great Power Competition, Harold Thomas Workman, Dimitrios Dalaklis & Ávila- Zúñiga-Nordfjeld, ROOM 6

WG 7 The Cyber War in Ukraine – Initial Insights, Mikkel Storm Jensen,, ROOM 7

1525-1535 10 MINUTE BREAK

1535-1605 Tuesday

WG 10 The Past, the Present and Future of the Republic of Korea-United States of America Military Alliance: Naval and Territorial Perspectives, Tae Hoon Kim,, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 How the Distinguished Delian League Athenian Alliance Achieved Victory for Ancient Greece, Unknown author, ROOM 2

WG 9 The Power of Water: How Naval Special WarfarE: Operators Cultivate the Danger Zone, Rikke Haugegaard, ROOM 3

WG 3 Rapid Prototyping Vehicle with AdditiveManufacturing: Supporting Military Field Maintenance, Samu Rautio,, ROOM 4

WG 8 Collective Defence, NATO, and the 2% Military Spending Guideline: Evidenting Why Allies Must 'Transcend 2%' to Understand Burden-Sharing Anessa L. Kimball,, ROOM 5

WG 6 Polish-Korean Cooperation in the Defense Industry, Marlena Blicharz, ROOM 6

WG 7 Willingness to Defend Finland: Citizens'Narratives about National Defence in the Context of the War in Ukraine, Miina Kaarkoski, Pekka Koistinen & Helena Kilpeläinen,,  ROOM 7

1610-1640 Tuesday

WG 10 The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Greek Defense Network of The Delian League: Military Strategy, Alliances, and Lessons from the Past for the Future of NATO, Tim Wass, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 Unwilling Allies: The Polish-Prussian Alliance of 1790, Michał Mydłowski, ROOM 2

WG 1 The Radical Unpredictability of War: Chance, Uncertainty, and Emergence, Troels Burchall Henningsen,, ROOM 3

WG 3 Improvement of Waste Management (Reverse Logistics) Processes in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Aidas Vasilis Vasiliauskas & Eugenijus Grigas, ROOM 5

WG 6 Turkey’s Role in South Caucasus from the lenses of Regional Security Complex Theory, Nikoloz Esitashvili, Giorgi Lagiashvili & David Aghmashenebeli, ROOM 6

WG 7 A Sociological Evaluation of the Relationship Between Natural Disasters and Trust in the Army in Turkey Unknown author, ROOM 7

1645-1715 Tuesday

WG 10 Re-Defining Globalization and the Need for a New Approach to Alliances in Line with Modern Security Risks and Threats, Katerina Veljanovska Blazhevska,, AUDITORIUM

WG 4 Counterforces and Detection to Disinformation, Teija Sederholm, Silvia Sommarberg, MiinaKaarkoski, Pekka Koistinen & Aki / / / / ROOM 2

WG 9 Research Seminars Promoting Department Research and Doctoral Studies, Mika Nieminen, Antti Rissanen & Kalle Saastamoinen, ROOM 3

WG 1 Moral Element of Military Power: The Ukrainian Military Resistance in the Russia-Ukraine War, Agniete Zotkeviciute Baneviciene,, ROOM 5

WG 6 Challenges and Prospects of Somalia-Frontline States Alliance Against Al-Shabaab, Abdirisak M. Shaqale, ROOM 6

WG 7 Winning Hearts and Minds the Canadian Way: The eFP Battlegroup and Public Opinion, Andris Banka, ROOM 7

1900-2200 CONFERENCE DINNER at Naval Base Holmen

Dinner speaker Gen. (ret.) Michael A. Lollesgaard




0915-0945 Wednesday

WG 1 Effectiveness and Civil-Military Cooperation: Case Afghanistan, Soili Paananen,, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 Will 5 Become 3? The Challenges of Not Taking 'Family' Partnerships for Granted, Christopher Ankersen, ROOM 2

WG 3 (Re)Structuring Power in the Cyberspace: Policy and Governance Challenges to the Production of State Cybersecurity Policies, Mattia Sguazzini, ROOM 3

WG 10 Hacking Strategy Presentation. Peter Papler, ROOM 4

WG 5 The Military Modus Operandi of the Civilian Police: International Legal Deviations in NATO’s Eastern Flank Countries, Alvydas Sakocius, ROOM 5

WG 6 India’s Security and Defence Strategy in the Indo-Pacific: Navigating Contours of Alliances and Defence Partnerships, Mohor Chakraborty,  ROOM 6

WG 7 - Room 7 (paper withdrawn)

0950-1020 Wednesday

WG 1 The Impact of Social Media on National Security: Perception of Lithuanian Youth, Dalia Prakapiene,, AUDITORIUM

WG 7 The Will to Defend in an Increasingly Polarized and Segregated Sweden, Sara Bondesson & Helena Hermansson, ROOM 2

WG 10 Strategic Competition in a Divided Arctic, Njord Wegge,, ROOM 3

WG 4 Risky or Rewarding? Navigating Diversity in Contemporary Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Presentation.  Adam D. M. Svendsen,, ROOM 4

WG 8 Defence Offset Credits: Bankable and Tradable, Ugurhan G. Berkok, /,  ROOM 5

WG 6 NATO Social Media Diplomacy: An exploratory study in Public Diplomacy and Alliance Building, Thomas Turmel, ROOM 6 WITHDRAWN

WG 9 Making Meaning and Building Resilience: Cognitive Learning and the Gender Perspective in Military-Strategic Applications, Olga R. Chiriac, ROOM 7

1020-1030 10 MINUTE BREAK

1030-1100 Wednesday

WG 1 Critical Transitions in Warfare: Theory, Evidence, and Implications, Miha Lebir, AUDITORIUM

WG 9 Gamification in Higher (Military) Education, Tali Stambulchik and Oren Kesler, ROOM 2

WG 3 Cybersecurity for Unmanned AerialVehicles: Concerns, Practices, and Conceptual Measures Nordine Qadar, Abdellah Chehri & Benoit Debaque / /  ROOM 3

WG 4 Cooperation, Command, Control and Leadership: A Suggestion for a Framework Based on a Common Set of Activities, Spak Hermansson, ROOM 4

WG 5 AI-Driven Disinformation as a Threat to Democracy: European States' Regulations for Counteracting it, Dorota Domalewska, ROOM 5

WG 6 Canada’s Perspective: Considering Geographical Expansion of NORAD, Presentation Teresa Quadros,, ROOM 6

WG 3 Directed Energy Hypersonic Interception, Chris Mack, ROOM 3

WG 4 Rethinking Leadership in the Context of Multi-Domain Operations, Vitor Conceição & Pedro B. Água, ROOM 4

WG 10 Dynamics of National Security Strategy, A. Figueiredo,, ROOM 5

WG 6 The Axis of Resistance’s Joint Operations Room: How Tehran and its Allied Non-State Armed Groups Collaborate to “Unify the Fronts” Philippe Bou Nader,  ROOM 6

WG 7 Overseer, Supporter, Protector, or None of the Above: Understanding the Roles of Defense Agencies in Contemporary Democracies, Stephen M. Saideman, ROOM 7

1135-1245 LUNCH BREAK

1245-1415 Wednesday


The business meetings are open to all. The opportunity will be more productive if you contact the organizers to coordinate agendas and interests. There are four business meeting rooms, which will be announced at the dinner. 

Research Centres and Military Technology - Matt McTaggart, Research Security, Walter Taylor, ROOM ISTEGADE (2nd floor)

Military Librarians and Military Editors - Maria Kolt Pedersen, RDDC,, and Ragnild Ranheim Lome, the Scandinavian Journal of Military Sciences. ROOM M5 (HOTEL)

Gamification of Education and Military design - Strategic simulations Tali Stambulchik,  Agenda,  Archipelago of Design,  Anna Therese Heltberg,, and Henrik Thrue,  ROOM CHRISTIANS HAVN

Senior Enlisted Leader Education - Agenda. Presentation. Discussion led by Osside Institute, Jean-Louis Proteau, Mélanie Paquette, ROOM SPISEHOSET (across the street, the brick building where registration was on the first day).

1245-1315 Wednesday

WG 1    Transcultural Warfare, Montgomery McFate,, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 Plans Without Resources are Hallucinations for Russia's Grand Strategy and its Limits, Jānis Bērziņš,, ROOM 2

WG 3 The Impact of AI-Enabled Government Influence Campaigns on Democracy, Pierre Jolicoeur & Anthony Seaboyer, Presentation, presented by Teresa Quadros ROOM 3

WG 9 The Role of Writing Centre in Military Education Programmes: A Canadian Case Study, Col Randall Wakelam,  ROOM 4 WITHDRAWN

WG 7 Affective Infrastructure, Belonging to society and Views on National Defence Among Finnish Conscripts, Elina Paju, ROOM 5

WG 6 Gender, Inclusive Peace and Sustainable Security, Kamila Trochowska-Sviderok & Anne Holohan, ROOM 6

WG 10 Russia's Strategy of Outsuffering and the War in Ukraine, Toms Rostoks, ROOM 7

1320-1350 Wednesday

WG 8 Towards an Application of Method for Swedish Armed Forces Capability Planning, Monitoring and Forecasting (revised 2023-10-31), Samra Flach & Helena Granlund, /, AUDITORIUM

WG 2 From Colonization to Conciliation: The Portuguese Colonial War and the Pursuit of Transitional Justice, Enio Martins, ROOM 2

WG 7 Information Warfare in the 21st Century: Soldiers' Resistance to Information Threats, S. Bekesiene,, ROOM 3

WG 9 Liberal Arts Education and the Military Officer, Unknown author, ROOM 4

WG 10 Towards a New European Deterrence? Operational Capabilities and the Tentative Creation of a Security Architecture for the EU, Sandro Teixeira Moita & Joao Marcelo Dalla Costa, /, ROOM 5

1355-1425 Wednesday

WG 9 International Military Education and Training Brings Cross-Border Unity and Diversity, David Manning,, AUDITORIUM

WG 3 Decontamination of Sensitive Electronic, Equipment with a Fluorinated Ketone, Charlotte Wootten, Ross Franklin, Sean Carbert, Fiona Kelly & Jennifer Scott, ROOM 2

WG 8 The Issues of Defence Spending Optimization in the Framework of Positive Externalities of the High-Tech Weapons Production, Gayane E. Harutyunyan, ROOM 3

WG 7 The Strategic Significance of the North-Eastern States of India with Special Reference to Manipur Bharati Sharma,, ROOM 4

WG 10 Maximizing Defence Strategies: The Role of Civilian Armies in Taiwan and Ukraine, Grace Evans, ROOM 5

1430-1530 Wednesday

SPEAKER Professor Peter Viggo Jakobsen. AUDITORIUM


1615-1745  ISMS JOINT MEETING (ISMS Council + WG Chairs) Minutes from previous meeting; proposed agenda



0830-1500 Military Design Symposium at the Royal Danish Defence College Building 38, Room ‘Hercules’

AOD (2023) Breakthrough: Arctic Albatross


Address: Svanemøllens Kaserne, Ryvangs Allé1, 2100 København Ø

1130-1230 LUNCH (ISMS Council Members)